Generating Comics

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The Webcomic Generator tool.

This is the Webcomic Generator screen, a tool Webcomic provides that can automatically generate comics for uploaded media.

Generator settings

Once you've uploaded your media to the Media Library, head over to the Webcomic Generator, adjust the settings described below, select and arrange the media you'd like to publish, and click Generate Comics.


The collection generated comics will belong to.

Start on…

The date to begin publishing comics for the selected media. The generator will publish the first selected media item on this date.

Publish every…

The days of the week to publish the following comics. The generator works through the selected media from top to bottom, publishing on the days you select. You can change the publish order by dragging the media items in the list.

Save comics as drafts

When checked, the generator will save comics as drafts instead of publishing them. These comics will not appear on your site until you publish them.

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