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Webcomic uses WordPress' own media features to manage your webcomic images. Adding images to a webcomic post is discussed elsewhere; this section details some of the additional media features Webcomic provides.

Additional Image Sizes

You'll find the Additional Image Sizes section at the bottom of WordPress' Settings > Media administrative page. This section lists the image sizes that have been added to your site beyond the WordPress defaults of thumbnail, medium, and large. To add a new size, you'll fill in the following fields at the top of the list and click Save Changes:

  • Name - How the size is identified. Should be a "slug" containing only letters, numbers, and hyphens.
  • Dimensions - The next two fields are for the maximum width and height of the new image size.
  • Crop - Whether images should be hard cropped to the specified dimensions or proportionally resized.

Sizes may be adjusted by editing the width, height, and crop of the size within the list and clicking Save Changes. Sizes my be deleted by checking the box next to one or more size's name, selecting Delete from the Bulk Actions dropdown below the list, and clicking Save Changes. Sizes added outside of this section cannot be modified, but are listed for informational purposes.

Media Library

You'll find a couple of new actions on the Media Library administrative page. Hovering over any image will reveal the new Regenerate action. Clicking this action will tell WordPress to regenerate all of the alternate sizes for that image. This is useful if you've changed the Image Sizes settings on the Settings > Media page or added new sizes on the same page after uploading images.

Hovering over any media item that's attached to a post will reveal the new Detach action. This will detach the media item from it's parent post, allowing you to assign it to a different post.

Both of these actions are also be available from the bulk actions drop down and on the Edit Media administrative page for individual media items. Images will have a new Additional Sizes item that both lists the available sizes and provides a Regenerate action, while any attached media will have a new Attached To item that details the post the media item is attached to and provides a Detach action.

Webcomic Attacher

The Webcomic Attacher (found on the Media > Webcomic Attacher administrative page) is useful if you have a lot of existing media that you'd like to attach to existing webcomic posts. To use the Webcomic Attacher you'll need to tell Webcomic how you want to match media with posts by adjusting the settings:

  • Collection specifies the collection that Webcomic posts will be matched from.
  • Match post… specifies what post attribute should be used to match posts with media.
  • With media… specifies what media attribute should be use to match media with posts.
  • Date Format is the date format to use when using post or media dates for comparison
  • Custom Field Key is the name of the custom field to use when using a post custom field for comparison.

After clicking Find Matches Webcomic will compare all orphaned posts in the selected collection to all unattached media in your Library and list any matches it finds on the right. You can verify these matches and uncheck the ones you don't want to save.

Webcomic may find more than one match between media and posts, and will uncheck and highlight these additional matches. Media can only be attached to one post, so it's a good idea to check these additional matches to see if they're a better fit than the first match Webcomic found.

When you're ready click Attach Media to attach selected media to their matched post.

Webcomic Generator

The Webcomic Generator (found on the Media > Webcomic Generator administrative page) is useful if you have a large backlog of comics to publish. On the right side of the page will be a list of unattached images, sorted oldest to newest based on when the images were uploaded to the Media Library. If no unattached images can be found the list will be empty. Otherwise, check the box next to each image you'd like to generate a post for.

On the left side is the Webcomic Generator form where you can control how posts will be generated for the selected images:

  • Collection specifies the collection that all of the generated webcomics will belong to.
  • Start on... specifies the the date to begin publishing the selected images. The first selected image in the list will be published on this date
  • Publish every... allows you to select which days of the week to publish subsequent files. The generator will work through the list from top to bottom, publishing selected files based on the days you select. You can reorder the images on the right by dragging and dropping the table rows to ensure they publish in the correct order.
  • Save posts as drafts will cause all of the webcomics created by the generator to be drafted. These posts will not appear on your site until you publish them.

When everything is set to your liking click Generate Webcomics and Webcomic will work through the list of selected images from top to bottom, generating posts as it goes. Generated posts use the media filename for the post title.