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This section of the guide is a catch-all for various Webcomic features that don't really fit anywhere else.

OpenGraph and Twitter Card Support

Webcomic includes OpenGraph and Twitter Card support for all Webcomic-related pages. You don't have to do anything to enable this; Webcomic will automatically add appropriate OpenGraph <meta> tags to the <head> of any page it recognizes as being related to your webcomic.

Opting-in for Twitter Cards

Although Webcomic automatically generates the necessary <meta> tags for Twitter Cards they won't show up on Twitter unless you opt-in and Twitter approves the integration. This process only needs to be done once for your entire site. Visit Participate in Twitter Cards to opt-in. You can find appropriate URL's to use for the Example Summary Card URL and Example Photo Card URL in the Twitter Settings section of the Help tab on any collection settings administrative page.


Webcomic fully supports WordPress' i18n functions for translation. There aren't any translations available for Webcomic yet, but if you would like to translate Webcomic into your language (or already have) please let the developer know so it can be listed here and included in official releases.

Parameterized URL's

Webcomic supports a number of parameterized URL's for finding the first, last, or a random Webcomic in a particular (or randomly selected) collection. To get the last webcomic for a randomly selected collection, you can use:


To get the first webcomic in collection 42, you can use:


To get a random webcomic in collection 42 excluding webcomics from the storyline with an ID of 27, you can use:


These URL's accept a number of parameters, and are also supported for storyline and character links. If you want to get really creative try using WebcomicTag::get_relative_webcomic_link and WebcomicTag::get_relative_webcomic_term_link() to generate parameterized URL's.