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These settings control some of the basic features of your webcomic posts. Disabling a feature will completely remove it's associated box from the Add New Webcomic and Edit Webcomic screens.


These features are related to webcomic post content, including titles, excerpts, the main post editor, and the featured image. Using a featured image requires an active theme with featured image support.

Special Note: Post Titles

Due to a bug in WordPress, turning off post titles will also prevent you from bulk-editing the storylines, characters, and other taxonomies your webcomic posts belong to.


These features are related to discussing and sharing webcomic posts, including the ability to make comments and reference the webcomic post using trackbacks.


These features are related to more advanced post features, including saving post revisions for backup and comparison, handling custom fields, and multiple post formats. Using post formats requires an active theme with post format support.


These features allow you to add or remove additional taxonomies to webcomic posts in the collection. By default only the collection storylines and characters are available, but from here you can enable WordPress categories, tags, other Webcomic storylines and characters (great for crossovers), and any other registered taxonomy for use with webcomic posts in the collection.

Each taxonomy is listed with both it's name (Tags) and it's actual taxonomy ID (post_tag). The taxonomy ID is useful for including taxonomies in custom Tweet formats.