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Storylines are a great (but entirely optional) way to organize your webcomics. Each collection has it's own unique set of storylines, which you can manage from the Storylines administrative page.

Managing Storylines

Storylines are nearly identical to WordPress categories: each has a title, a URL-friendly slug, and may include a description that summarizes the storyline. Storylines are also hierarchical, so one storyline can contain any number of other storylines.

There are only two major differences between WordPress categories and Webcomic storylines. The first is the option to add a cover for the storyline. A cover is a unique image that can be displayed on your site (on the storyline archive page, for example). Small previews of covers are displayed in the table on the Storylines administrative page. Clicking a cover preview will take you to the Edit Media administrative page for that image.

Sorting Storylines

The other major difference is the ability to sort sotyrlines so that they display in a specific order defined by you. To sort storylines, click the sort link above the Add New Storyline form.

This will take you to the storyline sorting page. All of the storylines in your collection will be listed on the right. Simply drag and drop them to change their order. When everything looks good, click Save Changes to update the display order. Click Cancel to return to the storyline management page.