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Transcripts are a useful (but entirely optional) way to extend the accessibility of your webcomics. They can enhance SEO, improve your own site search, and offer a relatively simple way to provide the text of your comic in multiple languages. Managing transcripts is very similar to working with other posts in WordPress, so we'll focus on the unique differences related to Webcomic transcripts.

Not Typical Posts

It's important to remember that transcripts are supplemental to webcomic posts. Transcripts aren't directly accessible from your site; there's no URL that will take you directly to a Webcomic transcript. They also don't support a number of typical post features, including discussions, featured images, excerpts, and custom fields. Transcripts also don't support titles; Webcomic will automatically title transcripts for you.

All Transcripts

Clicking on Webcomic Transcripts in the administrative sidebar will take you to the All Transcripts page. This administrative page is almost exactly the same as WordPress' own All Posts administrative page, listing all of the Webcomic transcripts based on your Screen Options.

Filtering Options

In addition to the typical WordPress filters found at the top of the webcomics table Webcomic provides an Orphaned. Orphaned transcripts are not attached to a parent webcomic post, and clicking the Orphaned filter will show only those transcripts without a parent.

Adding and Editing Transcripts

You can add a new webcomic to a collection by clicking the Add New link on the All Transcripts page or in the administrative sidebar. To edit an existing transcript, just click it's title or the Edit link that pops up when you hover over it in the webcomics table on the All Transcripts page. Like the All Transcripts page, the Add New Transcript and Edit Transcript pages are suspiciously similar to WordPress' own add/edit post pages, with a few Webcomic-specific additions and omissions.

Parent Webcomic

Just below the main post editor you'll see the Parent Webcomic post field. From here you can change what webcomic post the transcript is associated with, selecting the collection and then the webcomic from their respective dropdown menus. If the selected webcomic has any attached imagery it will be displayed here as well so you can easily reference the comic while writing or editing a transcript. You can also toggle whether readers can transcribe the parent webcomic directly from here; just check or uncheck Allow transcribing and save the transcript to update the parent webcomic.

Transcript Authors

WordPress only supports one author per a post, but if you're allowing readers to submit transcripts you may end up with a transcript that has multiple authors. These authors will be recorded in the Transcript Authors post field, including the Name and Email address provided by the author, his or her personal URL, IP address, and the Date and time when the transcript was submitted. Additional authors can be added by clicking Add Author and filling in the author's information (only a Name is required). Existing authors can be deleted by checking the box next to the author and saving the transcript.

User Transcription

The biggest difference between Webcomic transcripts and typical WordPress posts is that you may opt to allow readers to submit their own transcripts. Reader-submitted transcripts are never published directly to your site; they'll be saved as a draft, and you'll need to manually publish them before they appear on your site.

Requesting Improvement

Instead of publishing a transcript you can ask readers to improve it by setting it's status to Pending Review. Transcripts that are Pending Review will be displayed in the transcript editing form for your users, where they can edit the transcript and resubmit it. Transcripts use WordPress' own post revision system to ensure you never lose a decent transcript because of a malicious user.