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WordPress will alert you whenever Webcomic upgrades are available, and can automatically upgrade Webcomic for you. If an upgrade fails for whatever reason you can follow the manual installation steps to upgrade Webcomic. New releases will include an Upgrade Notice to let you know important changes, and you can follow every change to Webcomic right here on GitHub.

Legacy Upgrades

Upgrading from older webcomic managers to Webcomic 4 can be difficult, but the Upgrade Webcomic tool (found on the Tools > Upgrade Webcomic page) attempts to help by automating as much of the process as possible. The Upgrade Webcomic tool is only available when upgrading from these webcomic managers:

  • Webcomic 1, 2, or 3 - Upgrades from all previous versions of Webcomic are fully supported.
  • ComicPress - Experimental support for upgrading from ComicPress is currently available.

If you'd like to upgrade from another legacy webcomic manager please contact the developer with details.

Please read the following carefully before using the Upgrade Webcomic tool:

  1. Upgrades are not reversible and, once begun, should not be stopped. You should back up your site before starting the irreversible, unstoppable upgrade, or click Not Interested to uninstall Webcomic 4.
  2. Webcomic 4 uses the WordPress Media Library for file management. All of your existing webcomic images must be imported into the media library during the upgrade. Existing files will not be moved or deleted; they will be copied into the media library. You may want to adjust your image size settings prior to upgrading.
  3. The permalink URL's to your webcomics may change after upgrading. Permalinks can be customized for each of your collections once the upgrade is complete.
  4. Your current theme may not function properly with Webcomic 4, but a selection of new Webcomic-ready themes are available for use with Webcomic 4. If your theme was customized for a previous version of Webcomic please refer to the Template Tags and Shortcodes section for information on Webcomic 4's new template tags.