Webcomic Collections

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Now that you're up and running it's time to talk about collections. A Webcomic collection is all of the posts, storylines, and characters that make up a single, ongoing webcomic series. The entirety of Penny-Arcade, for example, would be a single collection in Webcomic, possibly with several storylines and characters.

Webcomic automatically creates your first collection during installation, Untitled Webcomic, which you should see in the administrative sidebar just below the Comments link. You can create more collections from the Settings > Webcomic administrative page. Just below the global settings is the Collections table where you can see all of the collections on your site along with webcomic, storyline, and character totals for each.

Adding Collections

To create a new collection, enter a collection name in the textbox just above the Collections table and click Add Collection. You can also click Add Collection without entering a name and Webcomic will create a new Untitled Webcomic collection.

Deleting Collections

Webcomic requires at least one collection, so the very first collection created during installation cannot be deleted. Any other collection may be deleted by checking the box next to the collection's name, selecting an action from the Bulk Actions dropdown at the bottom of the Collections table, and then clicking Save Changes.

Selecting Delete and Save will delete the collection and it's settings, but convert any webcomics and their transcripts into posts, storylines into categories, and characters and transcript languages into tags.

Selecting Delete Permanently does exactly what it says: everything related to the collection—including webcomics and their transcripts, storylines, and characters—will be deleted. Uploaded media will not be deleted.

Configuring Collections

Webcomic has only a handful of global settings to play with, but each collection has a wide array of settings that allow you to customize everything from the collection name to how much to charge for domestically-purchased webcomic prints. Customizing these settings is entirely optional, but you may want to take a look at them to get a feel for some of the features Webcomic provides. You can find the settings page for an individual collection within it's administrative menu item. For example, the settings for the very first Untitled Webcomic collection are found on the Untitled Webcomic > Settings page.

To keep things manageable collection settings are split into collapsable sections based on what they relate to:

  • General Settings are what you'll probably want to customize most often. These include things like the collection name, description, poster image, and other standard features.
  • Transcript Settings are important if you'd like your readers to be able to transcribe your webcomics.
  • Commerce Settings are important if you'd like to sell prints of your webcomics using PayPal.
  • Access Settings are important if you'd like to restrict acceess to your webcomics based on age or user role.
  • Post Settings are important if you'd like to add or remove basic features from webcomic posts.
  • Permalink Settings are important if you'd like to customize how your webcomic URL's look.
  • Twitter Settings are important if you'd like to automatically update a Twitter account whenever new webcomics are published.

To save some time Webcomic will copy the settings of your first collection (the one that can't be deleted) to any newly created collections. From there, you can customize each collection to suit your particular needs.