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The Webcomic Network is an optional service provided by webcomic.nu to help Webcomic users connect with each other. Your use of the Webcomic Network is governed by the Webcomic Network Terms of Service and you must have a API key to access network features. When you join the Network your site will be issued a key; never share your API key with anyone. If you ever decide to leave the Webcomic Network or deactivate Webcomic all of your network information will be purged and your API key will be rescinded.


The Webcomic Showcase highlights other Webcomic-powered sites that have opted to share their information via the showcase.


The Webcomic Showcase widget appears in your administrative dashboard. By default the widget will show five randomly selected showcase entries from all genres and ratings. You can customize the showcase settings by clicking the Configure link in the widget title. From here, you can change how may showcase entries to display at a time and what ratings and genres to include.


The Webcomic Showcase allows you to share your site with other Webcomic users right in their administrative dashboard via the Webcomic Showcase widget and with everyone through webcomic.nu. You can customize the following information about your site:

  • Name - The name is how your site is labeled in the showcase.
  • URL - Enter the address you want your showcase entry to link to.
  • Creators - Enter the names or Twitter @usernames of the creators of this site, separated by commas.
  • Description - The description is displayed with your showcase entry. 160 characters or less.
  • Genre - Select up to five genres that describe your site.
  • Rating - Select the rating that most fits the intended audience of your site.
  • Billboard - The billboard is a representative image for your site. It should be 640×360 pixels in size and will be hotlinked directly from your site.
  • Testimonial - If provided, the testimonial will be displayed on webcomic.nu

Some additional data is sent with your showcase entry, including the version of Webcomic you're using and information about your sites theme (name, url, author, and author url) and template (if you're using a child theme).