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Because managing your webcomics is so similar to managing any other post in WordPress we'll focus on the unique features related specifically to webcomic posts. Please see the WordPress Codex for general information on using WordPress to create and manage posts.

All Webcomics

Clicking on a collection link in the administrative sidebar will take you to the All Webcomics administrative page. This administrative page is almost exactly the same as WordPress' own All Posts administrative page, listing all of the webcomics for the current collection based on your Screen Options and what post features you have enabled. The only unique column here is the untitled column just after the checkbox column which displays small previews of any image attached to a webcomic. Clicking one of these previews will take you to the Edit Media administrative page for that image.

Filtering Options

In addition to the typical WordPress filters found at the top of the webcomics table Webcomic provides an Orphaned filter. Orphaned webcomics have no attached imagery, and clicking the Orphaned filter will show only those webcomics without imagery.


Just like normal posts, you have the ability to quickly edit single or multiple webcomics from the All Webcomics page. A handful of additional options are available when both Quick Editing or Bulk Editing webcomics:

  • Allow Transcribing - Enables or disables user transcription for the webcomic.
  • Sell Prints - Enables or disables print sales for the webcomic.
  • Original Print Available - Whether or not an original, traditional-media print is available for the webcomic.

Adding and Editing Webcomics

You can add a new webcomic to a collection by clicking the Add New link on the All Webcomics page or in the administrative sidebar. To edit an existing webcomic, just click it's title or the Edit link that pops up when you hover over it in the webcomics table on the All Webcomics page. Like the All Webcomics page, the Add New Webcomic and Edit Webcomic pages are suspiciously similar to WordPress' own add/edit post pages, with a few Webcomic-specific additions.

Webcomic Media

In the right sidebar should be the Webcomic Media post field, which displays any imagery attached to the webcomic. Webcomic uses WordPress' own media features for image management, and will automatically recognize any images attached to a webcomic post and display small previews of them in the Webcomic Media post field. Clicking any of these will take you to WordPress' media uploader. If the webcomic has no attached media an Add Media link will appear which displays the media uploader when clicked, allowing you to upload new images for the webcomic. The Webcomic Media post field preview will update once you've dismissed the upload popup.

Webcomic will treat any images attached to a webcomic post as part of the webcomic image, displaying them one after the other on your site. You can change the order Webcomic will display multiple images in–as well as regenerate thumbnails for each or detach them from the webcomic post–from the Webcomic Media tab in the WordPress media uploader. Just drag the images into the order you'd like and Webcomic will automatically save the new order.

Special Note: Attaching vs Inserting

You don't have to insert images into a webcomic post; Webcomic automatically recognizes images attached to a post and has dedicated template tags and shortcodes for displaying these images. Inserting your images directly into the post is not necessary and may cause images to display more than once.

Webcomic Commerce

Just below the main post editor you'll see the Webcomic Commerce post field. From here you can change wether prints should be sold for the webcomic, adjust the domestic, international, and original print prices and shipping costs for the webcomic, and change the original, traditional-media print availability for the webcomic. Price and shipping adjustments are made as a percentage of the base collection price. To reduce the cost, just enter a negative value (like -50). The Totals will automatically update to show how the change would affect the final price of the webcomic print, but nothing will be saved until you save the webcomic.

Webcomic Transcripts

Below the Webcomic Commerce post field should be the Webcomic Transcripts post field. From here you can enable or disable user transcription for the webcomic, as well as see any transcripts that have been submitted for the webcomic. Clicking a transcript title will take you to the edit transcript page.