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Alter the link tokens.

apply_filters( 'get_webcomic_link_tokens', array $tokens, string $link, WP_Post $comic )

This filter allows hooks to alter the replaceable link text tokens and their values.

Core tokens

Token Value Example
%date The comic's publish date. May 1, 2099
%full The comic's full media.
%large The comic's large media.
%medium The comic's medium media.
%medium_large The comic's medium_large media.
%thumbnail The comic's thumbnail media.
%time The comic's publish time. 4:52 pm
%title The comic's title. Page 1
%wfi-full The comic's full featured image.  
%wfi-large The comic's large featured image.  
%wfi-medium The comic's medium featured image.  
%wfi-medium_large The comic's medium_large featured image.  
%wfi-thumbnail The comic's thumbnail featured image.  

Commerce tokens

Token Value Example
%*-print-adjust The comic's print adjustment. -25
%*-print-base The collection's print price. 10.00
%*-print-left The number of prints left for the comic. 42
%*-print-name The collection's print name. Domestic
%*-print-price The comic's print price. 7.50
%*-print-sold The number of prints sold for the comic. 8
%*-print-stock The number of prints available for the comic. 50
%print-currency The collection's print currency. USD

The * in these tokens is a placeholder for the print ID. To see a comic's print base price for a print with an ID of domestic, you would use the token %domestic-print-price.


array $tokens

The token values.

string $link

The link text to search for tokens.

WP_Post $comic

The comic the link is for.

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