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Quasi-quoters for better construction and pattern matching TH ASTs, desugaring utilities, and a demonstration of overloading function application
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Quasi-extras provides utilities for creating and using Haskell embedded DSLs.

It provides the following features:

  • Language.Haskell.TH.Builders

    Implementation of new versions of the AST quoters ([e| ... |], [p| ... |], etc). These quasi-quoters allow splices in more places, and provide pattern matching capabilities. These resolve Part A and D of (New Directions for Template Haskell)[]. Reinerp's comment on that page observes that what I've implemented here is possible and perhaps preferable.

  • Language.Haskell.TH.Desuger

    Implementation of the desugarings specified in the standard report.

  • Language.Haskell.TH.Convenience

    Provides overloaded conversion operators which make for convenient AST construction, similarly to th-build. These are used for every splice of one variant of the AST-quotation.

  • Language.Haskell.TH.Conversion

    Provides some functions for (partial) conversion between the different language domains. For example, a pattern matcher can be turned into a construction expression, and vice versa.

  • Language.Haskell.TH.StringSplice

    Implementation of string quoter and matcher.

Other ideas:

  • Language.Haskell.TH.Generalize

    Provide a TH function which turns functions into typeclasses with one default instance.

  • Language.Haskell.TH.Embed

    Provide a TH function which constructs instances of classes, in order to (reflect on code)[]. Consider providing one that also invokes Generalize?

  • Language.Haskell.TH.Partial

    Provide a TH function which creates all of the partially constructed versions of data structures. Or something like that. Can be used to represent the remainder of a lens.

  • Consider moving this stuff to a different namespace? Maybe polluting Language.Haskell.TH isn't so good.

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