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Feature is a battle-tested feature toggle library for ruby.

The feature toggle functionality has to be configured by feature repositories. A feature repository simply provides lists of active features (symbols!). Unknown features are assumed inactive.

With this approach Feature is highly configurable and not bound to a specific kind of configuration.

NOTE: The current gem version works with Ruby 2+ and supports Ruby on Rails 4+.

NOTE: Ruby 1.9 is supported until version 1.2.0, Ruby 1.8 is supported until version 0.7.0.

NOTE: ActiveRecord / Rails 3 is supported until version 1.1.0.


    gem install feature

How to use

  • Setup Feature

    • Create a repository (for more infos about configuration backends, see section below)

      require 'feature'
      repo =
    • Set repository to Feature

  • Use Feature in your production code # => true/false
    Feature.inactive?(:feature_name) # => true/false
    Feature.active_features # => [:list, :of, :features]
    Feature.with(:feature_name) do
      # code
    Feature.without(:feature_name) do
      # code
    # this returns value_true if :feature_name is active, otherwise value_false
    Feature.switch(:feature_name, value_true, value_false) 
    # switch may also take Procs that will be evaluated and it's result returned.
    Feature.switch(:feature_name, -> { code... }, -> { code... })
  • Use Feature in your test code (for reliable testing of feature depending code)

    require 'feature/testing'
    Feature.run_with_activated(:feature) do
      # your test code
    # you also can give a list of features
    Feature.run_with_deactivated(:feature, :another_feature) do
      # your test code
  • Feature-toggle caching

    • By default, Feature will lazy-load the active features from the underlying repository the first time you try to check whether a feature is set or not.

    • Subsequent calls to Feature will access the cached in-memory representation of the list of features. So changes to toggles in the underlying repository would not be reflected in the application until you restart the application or manually call

    • You can optionally pass in true as a second argument on set_repository, to force Feature to auto-refresh the feature list on every feature-toggle check you make.

      Feature.set_repository(your_repository, true)
    • You can also optionally pass in a number as second argument on set_repository, to force Feature to refresh the feature list after X seconds. This will be done only on demand by a request.

      Feature.set_repository(your_repository, 60)

How to setup different backends

SimpleRepository (in-memory)

# File: Gemfile
gem 'feature'
# setup code
require 'feature'

repo =
repo.add_active_feature :be_nice

Feature.set_repository repo

RedisRepository (features configured in redis server)

# See here to learn how to configure redis:

# File: Gemfile
gem 'feature'
gem 'redis'
# setup code (or Rails initializer: config/initializers/feature.rb)
require 'feature'

# "feature_toggles" will be the key name in redis
repo ="feature_toggles")
Feature.set_repository repo

# add/toggle features in Redis
Redis.current.hset("feature_toggles", "ActiveFeature", true)
Redis.current.hset("feature_toggles", "InActiveFeature", false)

YamlRepository (features configured in static yml file)

# File: Gemfile
gem 'feature'
# File: config/feature.yml
    an_active_feature: true
    an_inactive_feature: false
# setup code (or Rails initializer: config/initializers/feature.rb)
repo ="#{Rails.root}/config/feature.yml")
Feature.set_repository repo

You may also specify a Rails environment to use a new feature in development and test, but not production:

# File: config/feature.yml
        a_new_feature: true
        a_new_feature: false
# File: config/initializers/feature.rb
repo ="#{Rails.root}/config/feature.yml", Rails.env)
Feature.set_repository repo

ActiveRecordRepository (features configured in a database) using Rails

# File: Gemfile
gem 'feature'
# Run generator and migrations
$ rails g feature:install
$ rake db:migrate
# Add Features to table FeaturesToggle for example in
# File: db/schema.rb
FeatureToggle.create!(name: "ActiveFeature", active: true)
FeatureToggle.create!(name: "InActiveFeature", active: false)

# or in initializer
# File: config/initializers/feature.rb
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