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Unofficial Evernote Cloud API for Qt

What's this

This library presents complete Evernote SDK for Qt. All the functionality that is described on Evernote site is implemented and ready to use. In particular OAuth authentication is implemented.

Read doxygen generated documentation for detailed info.

The documentstion is also available as a .qch file which you can register with your copy of Qt Creator to have context-sensitive help. See qch subdir.


Due to a radical change in my interests in programming and also due to the fact that I personaly mostly migrated out of Evernote I do not maintain QEverCloud anymore.

As of time of writing there are people who use QEverCloud in their projects. Some of them have created forks and maintain them. You should use their forks and not my repository and contact them about pull request and bug reports. The list of the forks:

If you want your fork to appear in the list (or disappear from it) - contact me. That much I can do :)


While the library initially supported Qt 4 it became too constraining so I've dropped the support. If you're stuck with Qt 4 you can use the previous version which is available through qt4 branch.

I do not use C++11 features directly but only through macros Qt 5 have like Q_DECL_OVERRIDE, Q_STATIC_ASSERT_X QStringLiteral and others. So QEverCloud supports any given compiler as good as Qt 5 supports it.

Personally I test the library with MSVC2012 and MinGW 4.8 on Windows.

How to compile

QEverCloud depends on Qt only. So there is nothing special to compiling it.

How to link

  • Link compiled library to your project in the usual way.
  • Add it's include subdir to your app INCLUDEPATH qmake variable.
  • Add to QT variabe the network module. If you use OAuth functionality than add also widgets and webkitwidgets modules.

Include QEverCloud.h or QEverCloudOAuth.h to use the library. The latter header is needed if you use OAuth functionality.

Runtime dependencies

Qt uses OpenSSL to implement https protocol. As a result OpenSSL dynamically linked libraries (libeay32 and ssleay32) must be availabe in the PATH for your app to run successfully.


Unofficial Evernote Cloud API for Qt




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