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Welcome to the Mgt Serp Editor Extension for Magento 1.4.x - 1.7.x

SERP is an acronym that can make or break your online marketing campaign. "SERP" is short for "search engine results page," and as marketing through search continually entrenches itself as the dominant medium for online success, it becomes vital that you be able to:

  1. Identify the importance of a SERP - What do you need to know about SERPs, and why?
  2. Act on that knowledge - Knowing what's important and why it's crucial to your business, how do you make that knowledge work for you? Once you know what you should be doing, how do you go out and do it?

Why Do SERPs Matter to Me?

Because ranking your online store in the proper SERP position will be the difference between success and failure in your search marketing campaigns.




  • copy all files to your magento installation
  • Clear the cache in Admin -> System -> Cache Management
  • Go to Admin -> System -> Configuration -> MGT-COMMERCE.COM -> Serp Editor -> Settings -> Active -> Yes
  • Edit a product and go to tab "Meta Information" to get an amazing serp preview
  • Have fun and give Feedback



  • initial release
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