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#OvGME Enhanced Generic game Mod Enabler and manager.

Version: 1.6.2

Home page:


OvGME is a game mod manager based on the idea and concept of JSGME, it take the GME acronym from JSGME which stands for Generic Mod Enabler. The main purpose of OvGME is to provide an easy way to import and enable mods for games then restore original files when disabling mods. OvGME works by comparing the game file tree with the given mod file tree, then identifies what files to replace, create and save as backup.

OvGME implements the following key features:

  • Support for multiple games through the main GUI.
  • Custom Mods and Backup folder for each game.
  • Game file tree snapshot and comparison based on xxHash.
  • Zipped Mods files (Mod-Archives).
  • Mods description (readme.txt).
  • Mods versioning.
  • Mods enabling profile for each game.
  • Mods network repositories.
  • Mods online updating and downloading.
  • Zip Mod-Archive creation tool.
  • XML repository creation tool.
  • Detailed embeded Help.

###If you already use JSGME Please read carefully the "OvGME and JSGME" chapter in the embedded help before doing anything.


Enhanced Generic Mod Enabler based on the idea and concept of JSGME



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