Polishing Rubies: A Guide to Ruby Open Source Development
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Polishing Rubies

This repository contains the Markdown source for Polishing Rubies, a guide to open source development in Ruby.

You can follow along with the blog posts on the Intridea blog. The source for each post will be added here either shortly before or shortly after it goes live.

Chapters/Topics (Working Outline)

  • Introduction
  • Creating a Gem
  • Tooling Your Gem
  • Writing Library Code
  • Testing Library Code
  • Writing Documentation
  • Preparing for Release
  • Versioning Your Gem
  • Managing Contributions
  • Managing Community
  • Long-Term Maintenance
  • Passing the Torch


I already have some idea of the flow and structure of the posts, however I would love to see help on:

  1. Any mistakes that I make in any of the articles. If you would like to correct something, please do and send me a pull request!
  2. Submit an issue if you have a specific area that you would like to request to be covered. I want this to be a thorough guide.


Polishing Rubies is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License. Feel free to republish and remix this anywhere, but please do link back to the original (this page is fine).