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Minify Javascript and CSS with Sublimetext 2.

What's this?

Basically, a thin wrapper around two existing minifying Python libraries. I made it because other plugins required the Java runtime or a connection to Google Apps, and all I wanted was something fast and simple that used only Python. So, that's what Minipie is. It's provided as is and is not really (intended to be) fully featured or very user friendly.

How does it work?

Simply select the Minipie command from the Command Palette, for files having the .js or .css extension. Minipie instantly saves a minified file with a .min.js or .min.css extension to the file's directory. You can use it to compress javascript or CSS-files, which is useful to save bandwidth and improve download speed.

Who made this?

Minipie borrows heavily from Bistory's Minifier plugin. Minipie comes with two libraries:

They, in turn, are based on the YUI Compressor and Douglas Crockfords jsmin.c

Should you backup your files before minifying?

Probably, yes.