A date+timepicker for use with Twitters bootstrap
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My bootstrap date/time picker

A simple, no-frills date/time picker for use with Twitter Bootstrap. Based on the work of Stefan Petre, who made a wonderful datepicker. I merely added some features (customizable names of weekdays and months for international use, support for date/time).

Datepicker screenshot



    noDefault: false, // set this to true if you don't want the current date inserted if the value-attribute is empty
    format: 'mm/dd/yyyy hh:ii:ss',
    weekStart: 1,
    days: ["zo","ma","di","wo","do","vr","za"],
    months: ["januari","februari","maart","april","mei","juni","juli","augustus","september","oktober","november","december"]

Or by using the data-datepicker-format attribute.

<input type="text" data-datepicker-format="dd/mm/yyyy" data-datepicker-nodefault="false" />