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Nesta - a CMS for Ruby Developers

A CMS for small web sites and blogs, written in Sinatra.

Content can be written in Markdown or Textile and stored in text files (though you can also use Haml if you need to add some HTML to your pages). There's no database; write your content in your editor. Publish by pushing to a git repository.


Begin by cloning the git repository:

$ git clone git://

Nesta's dependencies are managed with bundler, which handles installing the necessary gems for you:

$ gem install bundler
$ cd nesta
$ bundle install

You'll need a config file. You can start with the default and tweak it to suit later:

$ cp config/config.yml.sample config/config.yml

Create some sample web pages (optional):

$ bundle exec rake setup:sample_content

That's it - you can launch a local web server in development mode using shotgun...

$ bundle exec shotgun

...then point your web browser at http://localhost:9393. Start editing the files in nesta/content, and you're on your way.

See for more documentation.

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