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Commits on Jan 9, 2013
  1. @radar
  2. @laurens @radar

    Fix class name of promo :expires_at field

    laurens authored radar committed
    Fixes #2405
  3. @laurens @radar
  4. @radar
  5. @radar

    [api] Fix 1.8 syntax errors in ProductProperties, ReturnAuthorization…

    radar authored
    …s and Taxonomies controllers
Commits on Jan 8, 2013
  1. @radar

    Bumping Rails Version in README to 3.2.11

    Andrew Hooker authored radar committed

  2. @radar
  3. @parndt @radar

    [api] Convert 1.9 hash syntax to hashrocket syntax within inventory_u…

    parndt authored radar committed
    Fixes #2398
    Fixes #2400
  4. @radar

    Bump Rails to 3.2.11

    radar authored
  5. @radar
  6. @braincomb @radar

    Fix properties population when prototype selected and order them by p…

    braincomb authored radar committed
    …osition rather then alphabetically.
    Fixes #2389
  7. @imme5150 @radar

    Improved update_shipment_state code

    imme5150 authored radar committed
    * added check for unassigned inventory for order shipment status
    * rewrote the code to make less DB requests
    Fixes #2246
  8. @mtylty @radar

    fixes saving permalinks when using joins and includes

    mtylty authored radar committed
    Fixes #2385
  9. @laurens @radar

    Allow overriding of phone validation

    laurens authored radar committed
    Fixes #2394
  10. @huoxito @radar

    Allows old orders to get promo adjustments

    huoxito authored radar committed
    UNACTIVATABLE_ORDER_STATES already covers scenarios where a promo should
    not be applied to an order
    Fixes #2388
    Fixes #2395
  11. @huoxito @radar

    Clean up Adjustment class

    huoxito authored radar committed
      - Removes info about attribute locked
        It was removed in 43a3cca in favor
        of an event machine.
      - Removes invalid block doc adjustment#update!
        adjustment#amount is actually saved when adjustment#update! is called as
        can be confirmed by update_adjustment in the CalculatedAdjustments
      - Turn ruby class methods into Rails scope
        any reason to not keep these method as Rails scopes?
    Fixes #2393
  12. @radar

    Remove CSV references from core.rake

    radar authored
    These tasks do not support CSV files
  13. @huoxito @radar

    Removes useless call to order#update!

    huoxito authored radar committed
    The only reason I could see for those to be there is to make a test
    pass. But the problem was on the test itself due to the way stubs work.
    Also add some doc blocks to CreateAdjustment class.
  14. @JDutil @radar

    Update licenses for new year.

    JDutil authored radar committed
    Fixes #2391
    [ci skip]
  15. @radar
  16. @radar
Commits on Jan 4, 2013
  1. @kunalchaudhari @radar

    use on_hand method to get on_hand for variant while populating order …

    kunalchaudhari authored radar committed
    …so that :track_inventory_levels is taken into consideration. [Fixes #2379]
    Fixes #2382
Commits on Jan 3, 2013
  1. @huoxito @radar

    Makes promotion#products always return an array

    huoxito authored radar committed
    In case where rules that doesn't respond to #products are associated
    with the promotion this method could break with:
      undefined method `flatten' for nil:NilClass
    Fixes #2378
  2. @huoxito @radar

    Improves query to fetch products from line_items

    huoxito authored radar committed
    This creates 1/2 less queries when fetching producs from an order's line
  3. @kennyadsl @radar

    use respond_{to/with} in promo checkout controller

    kennyadsl authored radar committed
    Fixes #2381
  4. @rodrigoalvesvieira @radar

    Fixing tiny typo

    rodrigoalvesvieira authored radar committed
    Fixes #2377
  5. @joneslee85


    joneslee85 authored
    Bump rails to 3.2.10
  6. @LBRapid
  7. @radar

    Bump to Rails 3.2.10

    radar authored
  8. @kunalchaudhari @radar

    fix #2347 fluid images for product

    kunalchaudhari authored radar committed
    Fixes #2374
Commits on Jan 2, 2013
  1. @schof
  2. @LBRapid

    Adjustments can now be open/closed/finalized

    LBRapid authored
    - Add a state machine to adjustments with states open, closed, finalized
    - Once an adjustment is finalized, it cannot be changed, but an
      adjustment can toggle between open/closed as needed
    - Update Admin UI to allow users to toggle an adjustment's state
  3. @radar
  4. @radar

    Move order population responsibility out of OrdersController

    radar authored
    The OrderPopulator class now contains the logic for checking the stock of a variant and then adding it to the order if it's valid
    This is intended as a fix for #2341
  5. @radar
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