node-gyp rebuild step hangs #16

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Hi, I've been trying to install this lib for the past two days and it hangs forever after reaching the node-gyp rebuild step.

➜ assetline $ npm install execSync
npm WARN package.json execSync@1.0.1-pre No repository field.
npm http GET
npm http 304
npm http GET
npm http 304

> execSync@1.0.1-pre install /Users/Lukas/projects/codelogic/assetline/node_modules/execSync
> node-gyp rebuild


I'm not sure how to assist as node-gyp is the build system used by node. Please see to verify you have the prerequisites for building.


@lukelex execSync is dependent on node-gyp which needs "make" installed on your command line.
if you are on a Mac,
-> install XCode
-> install the command line tools (under Preferences -> Downloads).


The hang was occurring during the configure stage. It might be that your xcrun is not setup and causes the hang. Try the following assuming you have Xcode and Brew installed.

TRY brew --config to check if xcrun works.

THEN sudo xcode-select -switch /Applications/

THEN TRY brew --config to fix check if xcrun works.

This should prevent the hang. It also helped to not use rebuild and cd into the directory and running the rebuild manually. node-gyp clean then node-gyp configure then node-gyp build.


@foxinni thanks this trick worked perfectly.

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