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1 parent 509e0d4 commit 1a6957e127a3dae7e4b4f3eaa9647c3ad50c8e20 @mgutz committed May 10, 2012
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@@ -40,6 +40,7 @@ Define Relationships
Comment.belongsTo("post", Post, "postId");
var insertId;
Post.insert({ title: 'First Post' }).exec(function(err, result) {
@@ -91,14 +92,14 @@ OR, if you prefer SQL
Time for 100,000 iterations alternating between insert and select. See `test/bench` or run `make bench`.
-mysql-libmysqlclient 0m29.871s
-mapper 0m35.187s
-node-mysql 1m5.828s
+ mysql-libmysqlclient 0m29.871s
+ mapper 0m35.187s
+ node-mysql 1m5.828s
The take away is `mysql-libmysqlclient` is a much faster driver than the
widely used `mysql` driver. Mapper adds a little overhead but is still
-noticeably faster than raw `mysql` driver. These numbers fluctuate.
-Most runs show `mapper` performing at least 30% better than `mysql`.
+faster than raw `mysql` driver. These numbers fluctuate. NOTE: most runs
+show `mapper` performing around 30% better than `mysql`.
## Implementation Best Practice

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