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My gVim colorschemes.

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Vim/gVim Colorschemes

Styled to have

  • Less distracting splitters
  • Low contrast line numbers and comments
  • Unbusy NERDTree

Highly recommend using my custom tabline if you use tabs. Insert this line in .vimrc

let g:mgutz_tabline=1

GUI Colorschemes

  • chance-of-storm : off black with bright colors : screenshot
  • idle : off-white theme based on Python idle (fruidle) : screenshot
  • underwater-mod : darkish blue with bright colors : screenshot

Terminal/GUI Colorschemes

These are optimized for 256-color terminals and GUI. They should look identical on both, unless terminal uses a custom color palette.

  • t256 : black background (black works best on transparency-enabled terminals)

Generated Colorschemes

The combined terminal/GUI colorschemes, t256 for example, are generated from CoffeeScript sources.

To customize,

cd src
npm install underscore underscore.string coffee-script
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