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cf CLI plugin for easier identification of started apps
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This is a Cloud Foundry CLI plugin to allow easier identification of started apps compared to the standard 'cf apps' command. By default only started apps will be displayed. Using the optional '-a' parameter you'll see all apps, but the stopped apps will display in a different color so as to allow the started apps to still be easily identified.

Here's what a typical 'cf apps' looks like. Screenshot

Now here's what 'cf sa' looks like. You'll only get the started apps!

If you want to see all apps, but still easily tell which are actually started use 'cf sa -a'.

needs update for new org capabilities


Download the appropriate binary from the latest release.

To install for MacOS:

$ cf install-plugin started-apps-macos


$ cf started-apps


$ cf sa

To show all apps but with stopped apps in a different color use

$ cf sa -a
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