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Convert GraphQL-types to Mobx State Tree-models.
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gql-to-mobx [WIP]

A library for converting GraphQL-types to Mobx State Tree models.

What's the goal?

Converting GraphQL-types (with subtypes etc.) to Mobx State Tree-models to avoid multiple type definitions in a project using GraphQL and MST.

Want to help build it?

This project is mostly started as a personal project because it's something I feel would be really awesome to have. I'll be working on it whenever I have some spare time, so if anyone wants to join me in creating in then hit me up. Anyone is welcome!

Hit me up on Twitter: @mhaagens

What can you help with?

  • Refactoring
  • Creating MobX-State-Tree specific GQL types (enum, references, identifier etc.)
  • TypeScript/FlowType type-checking
  • Tests
  • ?

How to get started

  • git clone
  • yarn install
  • Run webpack in watch mode: npm start
  • Then you can run node ./dist/index.js, if you change anything it will be caught on the next run.


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