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#!/usr/bin/env python
# vim: ai ts=4 sts=4 sw=4
"""PostgreSQL Planet Aggregator
This file contains a base class for twitter integration
Copyright (C) 2009-2010 PostgreSQL Global Development Group
import oauth2 as oauth
import simplejson as json
import time
import urllib
class TwitterClient(object):
Base class representing a twitter client, implementing all those twitter
API calls that are in use.
Does not attempt to be a complete twitter client, just to fill the needs
for the planet software.
def __init__(self, cfg):
Initialize the instance. The parameter cfg is a ConfigParser object
that has loaded the planet.ini file.
self.twittername = cfg.get('twitter', 'account')
self.twitterlist = cfg.get('twitter', 'listname')
self.oauth_token = oauth.Token(cfg.get('twitter', 'token'), cfg.get('twitter', 'secret'))
self.oauth_consumer = oauth.Consumer(cfg.get('twitter', 'consumer'), cfg.get('twitter', 'consumersecret'))
def twitter_request(self, apicall, method='GET', ext_params=None):
params = {
'oauth_version': "1.0",
'oauth_nonce': oauth.generate_nonce(),
'oauth_timestamp': int(time.time()),
'oauth_token': self.oauth_token.key,
'oauth_consumer_key': self.oauth_consumer.key,
if ext_params:
url = "" % apicall
req = oauth.Request(method=method,
req.sign_request(oauth.SignatureMethod_HMAC_SHA1(), self.oauth_consumer, self.oauth_token)
if method=='GET':
instream = urllib.urlopen(req.to_url())
instream=urllib.urlopen(url, req.to_postdata())
# Make the actual call to twitter
return json.loads(ret)
except json.decoder.JSONDecodeError:
print "Received non-JSON response to a JSON request!"
print ret
def list_subscribers(self):
# Eek. It seems subscribers are paged even if we don't ask for it
# Thus, we need to loop with multiple requests
handles = []
while cursor != 0:
response = self.twitter_request('lists/members.json', 'GET', {
'owner_screen_name': self.twittername,
'slug': self.twitterlist,
'cursor': cursor,
handles.extend([x['screen_name'].lower() for x in response['users']])
cursor = response['next_cursor']
return handles
def remove_subscriber(self, name):
print "Removing twitter user %s from list." % name
self.twitter_request('lists/members/destroy.json', 'POST', {
'owner_screen_name': self.twittername,
'slug': self.twitterlist,
'screen_name': name,
def add_subscriber(self, name):
print "Adding twitter user %s to list." % name
self.twitter_request('lists/members/create.json', 'POST', {
'owner_screen_name': self.twittername,
'slug': self.twitterlist,
'screen_name': name,