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Better error checking - show actual exceptions when status field is

not present, instead of just reporting that status was missing.
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commit 01557f1234c2d11aed0e945213c04282e015472a 1 parent 02bd694
@mhagander authored
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@@ -47,6 +47,13 @@ def ParseFeed(self, feedinfo):
numadded = 0
parsestart =
feed = feedparser.parse(feedinfo[1], modified=feedinfo[3].timetuple())
+ if not hasattr(feed, 'status'):
+ # bozo_excpetion can seemingly be set when there is no error as well,
+ # so make sure we only check if we didn't get a status.
+ if hasattr(feed,'bozo_exception'):
+ raise Exception('Feed load error %s' % feed.bozo_exception)
+ raise Exception('Feed load error with not exception!')
if feed.status == 304:
# not changed
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