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feebf2c @mhagander Let's start with a README
1 iCalendar Aggregator
2 --------------------
4 This is a trivial iCalendar aggregator. It will pull in multiple iCalendar
5 feeds, and turn them into one. It will also generate a HTML format schedule
6 based on these iCalendar feeds.
8 This was developed to deal with the fact that some conferences publish their
9 schedule as a set of google calendars only, which becomes very much unreadable.
10 A few minutes worth of copy/paste of python from different places solved that
11 problem...
13 Configuration
14 =============
15 Configuration is simple. Create an INI-style file, and pass it on the commandline.
16 The file should have the following contents::
18 [core]
19 timezone=US/Eastern
20 timezone_adjust_hours=-3
22 [files]
23 ical=testout.ics
24 html=testout.html
25 htmlheader=input.head
26 htmlfooter=input.foot
28 [rooms]
29 room1=
30 room number 2=
32 The **timezone** parameter controls which timezone the generated HTML will be in. Any
33 timezone valid in the pytz library should work, which should mean all the normal Unix
34 timezone names.
36 The **timezone_adjust_hours** parameter lets you add or subtract a fixed number from
37 the *incoming* iCalendar feeds, to compensate for cases when the published calendar is
38 in the wrong timezone. The example -3 adjusts for a calendar that is published in PST
39 when it should have been published in EST. This parameter will affect **both** the HTML
40 and the iCalendar output files
42 For each **room**, just add the room name as parameter name, and the URL to the
43 iCalendar feed as the value.
45 The section **files** controls input and output files. The parameter **ical** sets the
46 output iCalendar feed, and the parameter **html** sets the output HTML file. The files
47 listed in **htmlheader** and **htmlfooter** will be prepended and appended, respectively,
48 to the HTML file before and after the actual contents.
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