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+iCalendar Aggregator
+This is a trivial iCalendar aggregator. It will pull in multiple iCalendar
+feeds, and turn them into one. It will also generate a HTML format schedule
+based on these iCalendar feeds.
+This was developed to deal with the fact that some conferences publish their
+schedule as a set of google calendars only, which becomes very much unreadable.
+A few minutes worth of copy/paste of python from different places solved that
+Configuration is simple. Create an INI-style file, and pass it on the commandline.
+The file should have the following contents::
+ [core]
+ timezone=US/Eastern
+ timezone_adjust_hours=-3
+ [files]
+ ical=testout.ics
+ html=testout.html
+ htmlheader=input.head
+ htmlfooter=input.foot
+ [rooms]
+ room1=
+ room number 2=
+The **timezone** parameter controls which timezone the generated HTML will be in. Any
+timezone valid in the pytz library should work, which should mean all the normal Unix
+timezone names.
+The **timezone_adjust_hours** parameter lets you add or subtract a fixed number from
+the *incoming* iCalendar feeds, to compensate for cases when the published calendar is
+in the wrong timezone. The example -3 adjusts for a calendar that is published in PST
+when it should have been published in EST. This parameter will affect **both** the HTML
+and the iCalendar output files
+For each **room**, just add the room name as parameter name, and the URL to the
+iCalendar feed as the value.
+The section **files** controls input and output files. The parameter **ical** sets the
+output iCalendar feed, and the parameter **html** sets the output HTML file. The files
+listed in **htmlheader** and **htmlfooter** will be prepended and appended, respectively,
+to the HTML file before and after the actual contents.

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