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@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ list. This is particularly useful if you have a "site-wide" administration
password that will grant you access to all lists.
Base URLs
The *base url* should be set to the root of the list server management URL.
It will be different depending on which list manager is used. Note that the
base url does *not* include the name of the list.
@@ -51,6 +51,39 @@ Majordomo2
For majordomo2, the base url is typically ````.
+Importing and exporting
+You can import and export your list of servers to a XML file from the menu. This
+file will be placed in the `/sdcard/` folder, so you can use any program to edit
+or transfer it. Note that there is no real validation done when importing, so if
+the XML file has an invalid format or content, the program is likely to just
+crash instead of giving an error message.
+In it's default mode, Mailinglist Moderator will rely on the Android system to
+validate the certificate of the server connected to, if the URL starts with
+`https`. There are two settings to override this (per server), if you are using
+a certificate that doesn't validate properly:
+Non-standard SSL hostname
+ This setting is used if the certificate has a different hostname than the
+ URL, but otherwise validates fine. A typical example of this is overloading
+ hostnames, so the certificate is for ``, but the list server
+ is responding to ``. In this case, put `` in
+ settings as *Non-standard SSL hostname*.
+Accept invalid certificate
+ This setting is used when the certificate on the server simply does not
+ validate. This could be because it's a self signed certificate, because the
+ CA signing it is not known, because it has expired, or any other reasons.
+ The configuration is set to the *SHA-1 fingerprint* of the certificate, and
+ any server that presents this fingerprint will be accepted. When you enter
+ this setting, the current certificate will automatically be downloaded and
+ presented, and you can press a button to copy the fingerprint to the setting,
+ once you have verified that it's correct. *Note* that you will have to
+ set the *Non-standard SSL hostname* setting as well as this one, in case the
+ name on the certificate doesn't match.
When the application starts it will enumerate all unmoderated emails on all the
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