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+PostgreSQL git commit message script
+This is a simplified (in some ways) and enhanced (in other ways) script
+for sending commit messages from a git repository, specifically written
+for the PostgreSQL repositories.
+It doesn't deal with "advanced git workflows", it only accepts regular
+commits in straight order. This is how the PostgreSQL project uses git,
+so it's by design.
+It creates commit messages that look a lot like those previously used
+in the cvs environment. The main difference is that there will be a single
+link to the full diff (using gitweb) instead of individual links for
+each file. This is natural given that git deals with commits as atomic
+units and not individually for each file like cvs does.
+Installation & configuration
+Copy or link the script as "hooks/post-receive" in your (bare) git
+repository. Make sure python is available at the given path, or adjust
+the first line of the script to match where it is. git has to be available
+in the path as well.
+Create a file called hooks/commitmsg.ini. This file will contain all the
+configuration for the script. It should contain something like: ::
+ [commitmsg]
+ destination =
+ fallbacksender =
+ subject = pgsql: $shortmsg
+ gitweb =;a=$action;h=$commit
+ debug = 0
+Expansion variables are available for the following fields:
+ shortmsg
+ action, commit
+The following fields are all available under the [commitmsg] header:
+ is the address to send commit messages to.
+ is the sender address to use for activities which don't have an author,
+ such as creation/removal of a branch.
+ is the subject of the email
+ is a template URL for a gitweb link
+ set to 1 to output data on console instead of sending email

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