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GIT hooks for the PostgreSQL project and related ones
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PostgreSQL git commit message script

This is a simplified (in some ways) and enhanced (in other ways) script for sending commit messages from a git repository, specifically written for the PostgreSQL repositories.

It doesn't deal with "advanced git workflows", it only accepts regular commits in straight order. This is how the PostgreSQL project uses git, so it's by design.

It creates commit messages that look a lot like those previously used in the cvs environment. The main difference is that there will be a single link to the full diff (using gitweb) instead of individual links for each file. This is natural given that git deals with commits as atomic units and not individually for each file like cvs does.

Installation & configuration

Copy or link the script as hooks/post-receive in your (bare) git repository. Make sure python is available at the given path, or adjust the first line of the script to match where it is. git has to be available in the path as well.

Create a file called hooks/commitmsg.ini. This file will contain all the configuration for the script. It should contain something like:

destination =
fallbacksender =
subject = pgsql: $shortmsg
gitweb =;a=$action;h=$commit
debug = 0

Expansion variables are available for the following fields:

action, commit

The following fields are all available under the [commitmsg] header:

is the address to send commit messages to.
is the sender address to use for activities which don't have an author, such as creation/removal of a branch.
is the subject of the email
is a template URL for a gitweb link
set to 1 to output data on console instead of sending email
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