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<a name="features"></a>
<h2>Technical Features</h2>
-<li>Fully ACID compliant.</li>
-<li>ANSI SQL compliant.</li>
-<li>Referential Integrity.</li>
-<li>Replication (non-commercial and commercial solutions) allowing the duplication of the master database to multiple slave machines.</li>
-<li>Native interfaces for ODBC, JDBC, .Net, C, C++, PHP, Perl, TCL, ECPG, Python, and Ruby.</li>
-<li>Outer Joins.</li>
-<li>An open API.</li>
-<li>Stored Procedures.</li>
-<li>Native SSL support.</li>
-<li>Procedural languages.</li>
-<li>Hot stand-by (commercial solutions).</li>
-<li>Better than row-level locking.</li>
-<li>Functional and Partial indexes.</li>
-<li>Native Kerberos authentication.</li>
-<li>Support for UNION, UNION ALL and EXCEPT queries.</li>
-<li>Loadable extensions offering SHA1, MD5, XML, and other functionality.</li>
-<li>Tools for generating portable SQL to share with other SQL-compliant systems.</li>
-<li>Extensible data type system providing for custom, user-defined datatypes and rapid development of new datatypes.</li>
-<li>Cross-database compatibility functions for easing the transition from other, less SQL-compliant RDBMS.</li>
+<p>Please see the <a href="/about/featurematrix/">Feature Matrix</a> for a summary of PostgreSQL's features.
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