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Migrate CVS repositories to SVN or git or hg or ... The canonical repository for this project is in Subversion at
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contrib cvs2svn_memlog: ensure that files get closed.
cvs2svn_lib Update GCS' email address to the Debian one.
cvs2svn_rcsparse Update to rcsparse r2971.
doc Document hypothetical "deleted" and "replaced" keyword-handling modes.
svntest Update to r1393290 of svntest.
test-data Add a test of non-ascii contents in a .cvsignore file.
www FAQ: Document how to convert projects at different times.
.gitignore Remove cvs2svn chauvinism when referring to cvs2git etc.
BUGS * BUGS: Add new information and references to FAQ.
CHANGES Bring CHANGES up to date.
COMMITTERS * COMMITTERS: Change to my preferred email address.
COPYING Update copyright date range on all files with newer commits.
HACKING HACKING: update references to Git mirrors and add more explanation. * Remove cvs2svn.1. Add cvs2*-example.options.
Makefile * Makefile: Add rule to make cvs2bzr.1. Delete manpages as part of cl…
README Finish consolidating documentation.
cvs2bzr Update copyright dates through whole project based on date of last co…
cvs2bzr-example.options Remove cvs2svn chauvinism when referring to cvs2git etc.
cvs2git Add an explicit "cvs2git" script.
cvs2git-example.options cvs2git: Make the --dumpfile option optional.
cvs2hg Add cvs2hg top-level script.
cvs2hg-example.options cvs2git: Make the --dumpfile option optional.
cvs2svn Add an explicit "cvs2git" script.
cvs2svn-example.options Document the global_options argument to CVSRevisionReader. Move the cvs2svn version number to a separate file. Skip test of executable flag if filesystem appears to be mounted noexec. Simplify instructions for checking cvs2svn out of Subversion.


For documentation, see www/cvs2svn.html or
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