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"""Script to extract English -> Japanese translations from wikiextractor's output HTML"""
import sys
import re
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import simplejson as json
def format_subsection(subsection):
"""Convert a subsection (list of lines) to a clean string."""
subsection_html = '\n'.join(subsection)
subsection_html = subsection_html.replace('&lt;', '<').replace('&gt;', '>')
soup = BeautifulSoup(subsection_html, 'html.parser')
subsection_text = soup.text
subsection_text = subsection_text.strip()
return subsection_text
def is_valid_subsection_title(subsection_title):
"""Returns whether the given subsection title is a valid one"""
if not subsection_title:
return False
if subsection_title in {'発音', '異綴', '関連語', '派生語', '別表記', '翻訳', '参照', '訳語'}:
return False
if subsection_title.startswith('語源'):
return False
return True
def extract_subsections(english_section):
"""Given a english section (list of lines), extract subsections as a dict"""
subsection_title = ''
subsection = []
subsections = {}
for line in english_section:
if line.startswith('<h3>'):
if subsection and is_valid_subsection_title(subsection_title):
subsections[subsection_title] = format_subsection(subsection)
subsection = []
m = re.match(r'<h3>(.*)</h3>', line)
if m:
subsection_title =
if subsection and is_valid_subsection_title(subsection_title):
subsections[subsection_title] = format_subsection(subsection)
return subsections
def extract_translation(buffer):
"""Given a buffer (list of lines), extract English translation as a dict."""
translation = {}
in_english_section = False
english_section = []
for line in buffer:
if line.startswith('<h1>'):
m = re.match(r'<h1>(.*)</h1>', line)
if m:
translation['title'] =
elif line.startswith('<h2>英語</h2>'):
in_english_section = True
elif line.startswith('<h2>'):
in_english_section = False
elif in_english_section:
if english_section:
translation['english'] = extract_subsections(english_section)
return translation
def main():
buffer = []
for line in sys.stdin:
if line.startswith('<doc '):
# start of a document
elif line.startswith('</doc>'):
# enf of a document - extract translation and clear buffer
translation = extract_translation(buffer)
if translation.get('english'):
print(json.dumps(translation, ensure_ascii=False))
buffer = []
if __name__ == '__main__':
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