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import sys
import re
def split_subtext(text):
"""Split chunk of text into subtext by structural markers e.g., <p> and @ @ ... @.
text (string): input text
list of split subtext (string)
return re.split(r'(?:@ )+| ?</?p> ?| ?<br> ?', text.rstrip())
def clean_text(text):
"""Remove special tokens e.g., '##223859' and '@!SANDER-VANOCUR' from text."""
return re.sub(r'##[^ ]+ ?|@[^ ]+ ?', '', text)
def main():
for line in sys.stdin:
for subtext in split_subtext(line.rstrip()):
subtext = clean_text(subtext).strip()
if subtext:
print subtext
if __name__ == '__main__':