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SSML in HTML Issues for Assessment
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CSUN 2017 Hakkinen-ssml.pptx

Origin Point for the ETS work on Improving Spoken Presentation for Assessments

This repo is the original starting point of work which has subsequently led to the formation of the W3C Accessible Platform Architecture Working Group Task Force on Pronunciation ( The Overview document ( presents the initial discussion of the problem and potential solutions.

PowerPoint slides decks I've presented at TPAC and the CSUN ATC Conference can be found here.

The current prototypes and demo code (which supersede those found here) are located at

SSML In HTML: Issues for Assessment (original)

SSML in HTML Issues for Assessment is a draft proposal for inclusion of SSML markup in HTML. Look at the document named, which describes the issues and requirements via examples. Test some SSML behavior with the SSML Tool. The samples folder will contain example HTML content with several flavors of embedded SSML attributes.

Slides presented at W3C TPAC ARIA Working Group are contained in ssml-slides.pptx

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