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You can send ctrl+alt+del to your PC from M5Stack!
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About 概要

You can send CTRL+ALT+DEL to your PC with M5Stack! M5Stack behaves like BT keyboard via BLE HID.
M5StackでCTRL+ALT+DELをPCに送れます!M5StackがBLE HIDデバイスつまりBTキーボードになり、PCやスマホにキーを送信できます。

Build ビルド

Follow instructions on the below link to setup Arduino for M5Stack.

Clone this project and compile M5StackHIDCtrlAltDel.ino and upload to M5Stack.
このプロジェクトをCloneして、M5StackHIDCtrlAltDel.ino をコンパイルし、M5Stackにアップロードしてください。

If you encounter "sketch is too big" error, please consider using older arduino-esp32 library, specifically 25dff4f04 commit-id version. by git checkout 25dff4f04 on Documents\Arduino\hardware\espressif\esp32 directory (case of windows) .
ビルド時に「スケッチが大きすぎます」というエラーが出る場合は、arduino-esp32のバージョン変更(コミットID 25dff4f04 に変更)でなおるかもしれません。Windowsならば Documents\Arduino\hardware\espressif\esp32 ディレクトリで git checkout 25dff4f04 としてみてください。

Usage 使用方法

It behaves like BT Keyboard. You need to pair the device with your PC/Smartphone. M5Stack is shown as "M5StackHID". Bluetoothキーボードのように動作します。PCやスマホ上でBluetoothデバイスを追加してください。M5StackHIDという名前で表示されます。

When connected, you can send key code below when you push buttons of M5Stack.

  • A button: Hello from M5Stack!
  • B button: CTRL+ALT+DEL :-)

Restriction 制限事項

Currently, it does not send keys correctly after resetting M5Stack. Please remove the BLE device "M5StackHID" from PC/SmartPhone and add the device again.
It was fixed. Thank you!

Also, please beware that it sometimes make my laptop's trackpad and keyboard sort of unresponsive...

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