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A gimmick to add location control capability to your iPhone software.
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<< Location Manager Hijacker for iPhone development >>

Using this module, you can control the location data that the CLLocationManager return to your application,
by an web browser on another machine on the same local network.

This module is exceptionally easy to install. And it doesn't need any changes to your code.

To install this feature

1. add CLLocationManager+HijackAll.m to your application's project
2. add libcocoahttpserver.a to your project
3. add CoreLocation and CFNetwork frameworks.
4. check that the DEBUG preprocessor macro is enabled for your Debug build.

To control the location

1. execute your application
2. an alert shows the controller URL.
3. open the URL on an another machine that is on the same Wifi Network
4. you can easily control the location, using the map on the page.

- This feature can be usable on Wifi network only. Your iPhone and the controlling machine should be exist in the same network.
- This feature is enabled when the macro DEBUG is enabled. You can change this behavior by changing #ifdef DEBUG in the CLLocationManager+HijackAll.m on the top of the code.

Develop by Makoto Hamanaka<>
Design by KAWACHI Takashi<>
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