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The web UI used for the Firefox Share feature.

To use the code in this project while developing you need to clone the API server repo, and put it as a sibling to this directory. Make sure to you have cloned this repo so its name on disk is client-share-web.

The UI is served in development by the Python server that runs from the API server directory, and it will look for the client-share-web directory to be a sibling to itself.

Directory Layout

There are versioned directories, like "0.3.7". Those are releases that were deployed.

The unoptimized, development code is in the dev directory.

Normally the deployed code will run on a server that has a symlink in this directory called current that will point to the proper versioned release directory that should be running.

Development approach

Code in this repo is subject to the Mozilla Contributor Agreement, and git flow is used to create bug/ branches that correspond to Bugzilla bug numbers to do fixes.


To build a new release:

  • git flow release start 0.0.0
  • bump version number in version.txt
  • make web
  • git commit -a -m "updating version for release"
  • git tag -am "Release 0.0.0" 0.0.0
  • git flow release finish '0.0.0'
  • git checkout develop
  • git push origin develop
  • git checkout master
  • git pull origin master
  • git push origin master

Be sure to push the new tag when done:

  • git push --tags

The code in master can now be bundled for deployment as an RPM.


Code in this repo is distributed under the (Mozilla Public License (MPL) 1.1)[].