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AppBase - Get Started With Html5/MVC3 And All The Goodies

AppBase is a starting point for ASP.NET MVC3 Projects leveraging HTML5 Boilerplate and Open Authentication with OpenId and OAuth. You can authenticate with Twitter and Facebook using OAuth. The goal of AppBase is to provide a slim-down MVC 3 site with OpenId/OAuth Authentication for you to build

You can download the VS Project Template here


Getting Started

git clone

  • Get yourself a twitter/facebook api key and add it to the web.config
  • Enjoy


  • Mar. 21, 2011: Now with Twitter and Facebook sign in support, jQuery 1.5.1 and the latest Boilerplate code.
  • Feb 17, 2011: Upgraded to latest MVC 3 Release and Html5 Boilerplate master branch. Fixed compilation issues with latest MVC 3 release. Updated template .zip.
  • Nov. 15, 2010: Updated to use MVC 3 RC and Html5 Boilerplate v.0.9.5. Also integrates certain parts of web.config file from Boilerplate.
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