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base fork: mhan810/liferay-portal
head fork: mhan810/liferay-portal
Commits on May 11, 2012
@shuyangzhou shuyangzhou LPS-27260 OutputTag does not need to buffer body when position is inline 76024d5
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27260 Source formatting ac6fcff
@shuyangzhou shuyangzhou LPS-27259 Nested portlet renderring by RuntimeTag should stack up req…
…uest attributes to prevent overwriting outter portlet's attributes
@danielreuther danielreuther LPS-26497 Rollback LPS-25970, don't append extension for non-null fil…
…e names
@danielreuther danielreuther LPS-26497 UpgradeImageGallery should not considers file extension whe…
…n upgrading to 6.1
@danielreuther danielreuther LPS-26662 Preview creation should not depend on the file extension d841bc7
@vilmospapp vilmospapp LPS-27124 Properly escape \n to <br /> in html format e-mail notifica…
@sergiogonzalez sergiogonzalez LPS-27124 Revert changes 95d36c3
@sergiogonzalez sergiogonzalez LPS-27124 Better fix 3138c4e
@lipusz lipusz LPS-27217 [Adding a subcategory to a different vocabulary doesn't work] 0f17496
Zsolt Berentey LPS-27217 Source formatting cddb357
@juliocamarero juliocamarero LPS-27217 simplify solution c8b8739
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27217 Source formatting ea59412
@migue migue LPS-27263 Include and Ant target in order to genarate reports for the…
… unit and integration tests
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27263 Add gitignore 117fbe9
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27263 I don't think it needs to be at the default build.xml, some…
…one will rarely call this, so if they do, have them do "ant -f build-test.xml ..."
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27263 All of the other targets that start with "test-*" are actua…
…lly running a test. The pattern is "verb-noun". In this case, we're merging the test results. So I renamed the task. Otherwise, I read it as "testing the reports", which is not what you're doing.
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom Rename "/> to " /> 54253d6
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27272 9d0f7f7
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27273 102535a
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom Remove unnecessary last blank line 7892502
@shinnlok shinnlok LPS-27022 Org param limits site members that are not part of the orga…
…nization, use inherit instead
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27022 Source formatting f6412a3
@Sonnor Sonnor LPS-27167
For the messageboard portlets there are two email template variables, that show no value in the email notifications sent:
@matethurzo matethurzo LPS-27167 Source formatting 8ce5e30
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27022 Fix compile error cccf133
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27167 Source formatting 452bfc4
@juangon juangon LPS-26138 Upgrade Liferay code to work with Xuggler 5.4 c3d3d7c
@caorongjin caorongjin LPS-26138 Source Formatting 2ade732
@caorongjin caorongjin LPS-26804 Fix NPE for forked processes 3aa8243
@caorongjin caorongjin LPS-26138 Upgrade Xuggler to 5.4 67e8d43
@sergiogonzalez sergiogonzalez LPS-26138 Message with the status of the download/install 5dae5b7
@ipeychev ipeychev LPS-26138 - Source formatting e7e9843
@natecavanaugh natecavanaugh LPS-26138 - Allowing PortletBase to have a rootNode property to searc…
…h from
@natecavanaugh natecavanaugh LPS-26138 - Adding toggleDisabled method to remove repetition 2e2a63b
@natecavanaugh natecavanaugh LPS-26138 - Source formatting 9837389
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26138 Source formatting dfc6093
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26138 Language keys 3ac7c78
@migue migue LPS-26835 Make transactional execution listener aware of callbacks aee2e45
@juliocamarero juliocamarero LPS-27161 Support for adding or editing the parentGroupId in the backend 53e03b3
@juliocamarero juliocamarero LPS-27161 Apply Changes from the Service API 141996c
@juliocamarero juliocamarero LPS-27161 Permissions for subsites d1798f3
@juliocamarero juliocamarero LPS-27161 UI for selecting parent Site and adding Subsites to an exis…
…ting Site
@juliocamarero juliocamarero LPS-27161 Fix permission issue with root Site ba76ca1
@juliocamarero juliocamarero LPS-27161 Integration Tests 0b7aad4
@juliocamarero juliocamarero LPS-27161 Autogenerated 90dda51
@juliocamarero juliocamarero LPS-27161 Javadocs 885472e
Commits on May 12, 2012
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27161 Logic should mimic OLSI, see OrganizationPermissionImpl lin…
…e 65.
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27161 Follow database schema 9c3ca6f
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27161 Sort methods 9a5f816
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27161 Regenerate f5e0c21
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27161 Source formatting 56b8b8e
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26835 Source formatting c5e43b8
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26987 Fix issue where it didn't work if you called it from portal…
…-impl, but worked if you were one directory up
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom Regenerate e583739
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren LPS-27278 Updating Alloy to ac0f898; f9b4b2b
@shuyangzhou shuyangzhou LPS-27277 Make SampleSQLBuilder's optimize buffer size configurable fc9802c
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27277 Source formatting 9189c30
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27238 Rollback changes to ServiceBuilder that remove cluster-spri…
…ng.xml from plugins, it is needed after all
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27238 Make changes to cluster-spring.xml for portlets so they can…
… be easily wired
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27136 Typo d42ad22
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27212 Logging e8fe4e7
Commits on May 14, 2012
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27285 bfc88b1
@ipeychev ipeychev LPS-27282 - Escape chartId param in currency converter portlet 1274fbe
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27282 Source formatting 4f47168
@samuelkong samuelkong LPS-27283 XSS e3de21d
@ipeychev ipeychev LPS-27281 - Escape ckEditorConfigFileName param in ckeditor.jsp acf5100
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27281 Source formatting f544355
@juanferrub juanferrub LPS-27292 Add create table script for Journal Folder in upgrade process 607bc6c
@migue migue LPS-26375 Let Hibernate how to figure out the type of the blob f813c6b
@migue migue LPS-26375 REGENERATE 2f96e95
@migue migue LPS-27288 Fix unit tests related to RamwMetadataProcessor 5b7d60b
@jjangsam jjangsam LPS-27267 Fix all places that uses "overwritting" to "overwriting" 725d252
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27267 Language keys 7055a1d
@shuyangzhou shuyangzhou LPS-27289 Ensure OutputTag thread safety under parallel rendering con…
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27289 Source formatting f0b1080
@shinnlok shinnlok LPS-27279 Layout type URL shouldn't be branching layouts 4402fab
@gamerson gamerson LPS-27286 5ea97cd
evliu LPS-27232 updates screenName to autogenerated one instead of null. e5631b5
@hhuijser hhuijser LPS-27232 Source formatting - same thing for emailaddress as those ca…
…n be autogenerated too
Zsolt Berentey LPS-27265 Fix permission checking for view original file in shortcuts 8eebde8
Zsolt Berentey LPS-25035 Deleting a shortcut in Media Gallery should not delete the …
@natecavanaugh natecavanaugh LPS-25035 - Source formatting bac598f
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-25035 - Source formatting 82a1980
Zsolt Berentey LPS-27122 Create a TrashRenderer interface and implement it for all s…
…upported models
@juliocamarero juliocamarero LPS-27122 Simplify AssetRenderers (moving logic to the base) 4a11a9e
@juliocamarero juliocamarero LPS-27217 Asset publisher is showing the title duplicated b1eccee
@juliocamarero juliocamarero LPS-27217 fix jspc (portletURL already existed) f67fcd4
@juliocamarero juliocamarero LPS-27217 Add the sumary to the trashRenderer 65557c9
@juliocamarero juliocamarero LPS-27217 Improve visualization with comments, ratings and related as…
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27217 Source formatting 0a9a3c2
@shinnlok shinnlok LPS-27274 Remove unneccessary joins 4b12ec6
@shinnlok shinnlok LPS-27228 Add configurable date range for Message Board Recent Posts 3cf5657
@shinnlok shinnlok LPS-27228 Regenerate 3744d94
@hhuijser hhuijser LPS-27228 Source formatting 22469a3
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27228 Source formatting 56abb15
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27303 1851f1d
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27303 Language keys 2a1885d
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27307 f451fb8
Commits on May 15, 2012
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27307 Forgot constructor df0b24c
@gamerson gamerson LPS-27286 fixed missing trailing } 1e12d60
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27286 Remove extra line break ee211c8
@mikakoivisto mikakoivisto LPS-27306 b07ae23
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27306 Source formatting 74d9afc