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Community Driven Out of Context TV
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Inspired by Neave TV and the unauthorized port found here.

I wanted to take this concept one step further and make it community driven. The idea is to have anyone submit clips to this project so it can grow organically. See Submission details below.

Check out OutOfContextTV!

Click anywhere to 'change channels' or just wait and let the wierdness wash over you.

Submission Details

It is easy to submit your own clips into OutOfContextTV.

  1. Fork this project.

  2. Add your clip(s) to the "content/video/clips" directory. (

  3. Add your clip(s) into the "content/clips.json" file (

  4. Put in a pull request to this repo.


Clips should be less than 1 minute 30 seconds. Please no inappropriate clips.


This project doesn't own any of the clips. All clips have come from various websites online. If you own the rights to content used in this project and would like it removed please put in a request by submitting an issue to this repo.

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