catmint browser based on webkit/gtk through ruby-gir-ffi
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simple keyboard-friendly browser using webkit/gtk through ruby-gir-ffi


  • webkit-based rendering/scripts/plugins etc

  • display/follow link hints for easy keyboard browsing

  • tabs

  • history / search / url completion

  • archive / index of every page you ever visited


these are the package names needed in debian wheezy:

git build-essential libgirepository1.0-dev gir1.2-gtk-3.0 gir1.2-webkit-3.0 libglib2.0-dev libgtk-3-dev libwebkitgtk-3.0-dev ruby1.9.1-dev libffi-dev libmagic-dev uuid-dev


install the above mentioned requirements using your package manager.

currently, you have to get the development version of ruby-gir-ffi:

git clone git:// && cd ruby-gir-ffi
gem build gir_ffi.gemspec
gem install gir_ffi-0.3.1.gem && cd ..

then clone this repository (if you haven't already):

git clone git:// && cd catmint

build and install the gem (this will install gem dependencies too):

gem build catmint.gemspec
gem install catmint-0.0.1.gem

and finally run catmint and surf away



you probably know how a browser works, clicking on links and all that… here's what makes catmint different.

url bar

enter a url/domain and it takes you there. enter a search term and it searches the archive. you can always focus the url bar with Ctrl-l.

follow link

press Ctrl-f and a number will appear next to each link. enter that number (or the link title using autocompletion) and it will follow that link.


every page you visit is stored on disk and indexed so you can do full-text queries and browse every page you ever saw offline. search for it using the url bar and click the “Archive” link in the results.


  • web search

  • form fillers / passwords

  • cookies

  • bookmarks

  • better index (sql LIKE queries suck)

  • rules to enable scripts/plugins/etc per page

  • rules to block resources by url

  • web inspector