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Mobile Numeric Keypad

I needed a numeric keypad for some software, so I made a touchscreen remote control numeric keypad for my iPhone.

There's software that already does this (NumberKey) but this doesn't have a client software for *nix.

This runs on ruby/sinatra, serving up some HTML showing a numeric keypad for the iPhone.


  • sinatra gem install sinatra
  • haml gem install haml
  • xdotool sudo apt-get install xdotool (sudo port install xdotool if on Mac. Requires MacPorts)

When you tap buttons, HTTP requests are made back to sinatra, which invokes xdotool to send the corresponding X event to the active window.


Run the server: ruby numkeys Browse to the server from your iphone: http://your.computers.ip.address:4567/ Tap the numeric keypad buttons on the phone screen


  • There's no authentication (anyone could send keyboard events to your computer)
  • It'll only work with X11 (no windows)
  • Pressing and holding keys only sends one keypress event at the moment


  • Mark Hansen - Programming
  • Ryan Delaney - Graphic Design
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