A quick hack to download all my scrobbles from Last.FM
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I've been giving my data to Last.FM for years - it's time I cashed out on this investment and got my data out, so I can make some pretty visualizations.

I hacked up this script to get all my scrobble information, and make a playlist of each day.

After running it, you have a JSON representation of all your scrobbles in a big array (containing all the information pulled form the Last.FM API), in all_scrobbles.username.json.

And you also get a text file for each day containing what you listened to that day, named like 2010-12-14-username.txt, and containing lines like 2011-03-23 17:48:43 - Passion Pit - Manners - Seaweed Song.


./get_lastfm.py <yourlastfmusername>