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appModel = new AppModel
colorLegend = new ColorLegend el: "#color .legend"
mostPopularColors = new ColorHorizontalBarGraph el: "#color .mostPopular"
colorPictogram = new ColorPictogram el: "#color .pictogram"
makeLegend = new MakeLegend el: "#make .legend"
mostPopularMakes = new MakeHorizontalBarGraph el: "#make .mostPopular"
makePictogram = new MakePictogram el: "#make .pictogram"
yearHistogram = new YearHistogram el: "#year .histogram"
yearPictogram = new YearPictogram el: "#year .pictogram"
appModel.bind "change", (model) ->
when "#color"
colorLegend.render model.vehicles()
mostPopularColors.render model.vehicles()
colorPictogram.render model.vehicles()
when "#make"
makeLegend.render model.vehicles()
mostPopularMakes.render model.vehicles()
makePictogram.render model.vehicles()
when "#year"
yearHistogram.render model.vehicles()
yearPictogram.render model.vehicles()
$(document).ready ->
d3.text "stolenvehicles.csv", (text) ->
vehicles = d3.csv.parseRows text, (d) ->
plate: d[0]
color: d[1]
make: d[2]
model: d[3]
year: parseInt d[4]
type: d[5]
dateString: d[6]
date: Date(d[6]))
region: d[7]
tab: "#year"
vehicles: vehicles
$(".tabs").on "change", (e) -> appModel.set tab:
# tracking
appModel.bind "change:tab", (model, tab) -> mpq.track "New Tab: #{tab}"
trackHover = -> mpq.track "Hovered over car"
$(document).on "mouseover", ".pictogram rect", (_.throttle trackHover, 1000)
trackScroll = -> mpq.track "Scrolled"
$(document).on "scroll", (_.throttle trackScroll, 1000)
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