A visualization of NZ's stolen vehicles, using d3.js, coffeescript, and backbone.
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This is the source code for http://markhansen.co.nz/stolen-vehicles-pt2/

How do you get this up and running?

Run a local web server in the folder. Unfortunately you can't just open it using file://, because it uses AJAX to fetch the stolen vehicle data.

$ cd stolen-vehicles-pt2
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer

And browse to localhost:8000/index.html.

Most of the meat of the code is in main.coffee and index.haml - the other stuff is libraries. Excuse the lack of comments - this code was written for a one-off blog post, not to be maintained. :)

The javascript is mostly compiled from coffeescript - feel free to edit either. The same goes for the HTML compiled from Haml. A simple build file is included to concatenate all the data together, rough 'n' ready. :)