Simple jQuery plugin for cloning inputs as they are filled in
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jQuery Endless Inputs Plugin


This plugin gives you an endless stream of automatically appearing inputs.

Checkout demo.html for an example.


Suppose you have this markup:

<ul class='endless'>
  <li class='endlessItem'><input/></li>

And this call to the plugin:


The plugin will clone that <li> element each time something is entered into its <input/>. Check out demo.html a more complex example.


This plugin allows you to keep on chaining, so, for example:

$('#myelement').endlessInputs().css({border:'1px solid blue'});

Would run endlessInputs on #myelement then add a blue border to it after.


The following options can be provided like so (default values specified):

    // this is the inner element, within '.yourSelector' that will be cloned and
    // appended to '.yourSelector'. If '.yourSelector' is a table, this should be a row
    elementToCloneSelector: '.endlessItem',

    // this selector is applied to the last item matched by 'ElementToCloneSelector'. 
    // If anything matches, it is cloned
    doCloneElementPredicate: 'input[value!=""],textarea[value!=""],select[selectedIndex!=0]',

    // Anything with this class will be removed from the newly cloned element before it is 
    // appended to '.yourSelector'
    elementsToSkipSelector: '.endlessSkip',

    // These are the elements to clear out before the newly cloned element is 
    // appended to '.yourSelector'
    elementsToClearOnCloneSelector: 'textarea,input,select',

    // This is simply passed to jQuery's .clone() command. Set to true to also clone
    // event handlers. More about what this means here:
    cloneWithDataAndEvents: false,

    // Set the max number of elements, including the initial element. e.g. if you set this to 5,
    // and you already have 3 items in your container, the plugin will add at most 2 more
    // Set maxElementCount <= 0 for unlimited cloning fun (default behavior)
    maxElementCount: 0

How do I access these dynamic inputs from the server?


If you give each input a name ending in brackets, [], all the values will be submitted and PHP will turn turn them into an array. For example, consider this form (src):

enter data

When submitted, PHP sees this:

    [li-input] => Array
            [0] => Value1
            [1] => Value2
            [2] => Value3
            [3] => 

    [table-input] => Array
            [0] => Bar1
            [1] => Bar2
            [2] => Bar3
            [3] => 

    [table-select] => Array
            [0] => hi!
            [1] => 
            [2] => hi!
            [3] => 


TODO (for shame!)

How do I prepopulate values to the screen from the server?


TODO (for shame!)


TODO (for shame!)

Whats next?

The world!

Found a bug?

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